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    The cost to join depends on your location, and you must register and click “subscribe” to see the prices. In the early days you could downgrade your i OS device to any firmware version you wanted to and not run into many troubles.

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    He's spent two year snow, in their fight against the Templar threat. It doesn't do an attack team any good, IF THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THE TARGET IS!And a tracking team with almost no real powerful fighters, is only good at finding, and then sitting there, waiting for some firepower team to get up to them.That my stories will be as much my own creation as possible.The classic cliches may pop up, but the story line will be my own.3.However, I will gladly accept any constructive criticisms, and definitely good reviews. I have a few inspirations from some of the fanfics I have read, but I do not mean to rip off anyone else's ideas. Also, I don't really know Japanese, so unless the word or title has always been in Japanese, I'm going to write certain jutsu's and phrases from Naruto in English. I also really like the works of Water Dragon Boy15, TRKwriter, Hinatakid, kikifangirl11, and bkeller1976, all on You Tube.I thank anyone who does read my stories and gives me good reviews or tips. If someone becomes overwhelmed by their emotion, then they can't think straight, which in my personal opinion, is when people say that person is insane.The previous statement will be null and void if said flamers have decent fanfics.6. Weapons: Dunedain style longsword, three and a half feet. Wears standard Assassin Robes, though they've been dyed crimson in color with black trim. Robin has to assume a new identity with a new outfit. The league takes it members from around the age offour (with or withoutpermission from their respective kages).4. They are taught to be betterninja (Assassination, stealth, disguise,etc.).6.That I will honestly read, and review any fanfics that I am asked to read. Weapons: Schianova longsword, swordbreaker knife, dual hidden blades, crossbow, smoke bombs, and throwing knives. Whether or not this is as a villian or a darker hero is up to you.3. Whether that's learning new skills, or actually gaining a super power, it doesn't matter. If preferences 1 & 3 are done Team 7 is "ironically" nicknamed "Team Dojutsu"5. Include a more in-depthview of the Politics of the Elemental Nations (Itmakes the story more fun toread as well as more realistic! Think hard about how the certain peoples'absences from certain villageswill effect them, i.e.

    If she had put Harry under a Love Potion, why not go in instantly for the kill? Not as many people would appreciate this fact, but I'm sure there are some of you who do.Sadly, she contracted an illness and died when he was 10 years old. During a vain attempt to return to his home, to stop it's destruction, to stop Madara, Naruto rebels against Kami. And the Third Hokage has found a born star the night Kyuubi attacks. There can only be one victor (Unless you know how The Hunger Games ends)4. I don't want Naruto to be some uber powerful kid (like a certain teme in Naruto), but still, you think he would have some skill.Raphael spent the next three years of his life on the streets, picking pockets and doing waht he could to survive. Don't follow The Hunger Games to closely, don't want a plagiarizer.5. BIll Alain's third challenge:"The League of Extraordinary Shinobi Challenge:"Shinobi these days arenot ninja, they are soldiers. All he has going for him is a freakishly high stamina, and determination. Naruto recently did gain two massive power boosts, but he's still woefully weak in comparison to the main baddie. When it comes to the four genin teams of Naruto (Teams 7-10), I will admit that Teams 9 and 10 are fairly well balanced.According to people who support this belief, Harry 'just suddenly' starts obsessing over Ginny in the book, and quite obviously he was affected by a Love Potion. There's a prime example of what an actual Love Potion does to the victem later on in Half Blood Prince.Romilda Vane infused some Chocolate Cauldrons with Love Potion and sent them to Harry.

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